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Best UPVC Drainage Pipes & Fittings in Egypt

Hakim Paco Plastic UPVC Pipes for Underground and above ground drainage systems are manufactured according to the latest European Standards BSEN 1401 & BSEN 1329, (as well as the previous standards such as BS 5255, BS 4514, BS 4660, BS 5481) and are subject to vary strict Quality Policy supervised by BSI which enabled Power Plastic systems to be approved by the most prestigious international institutes. These pipes are available in many sizes starting from 36mm to 160mm for Waste, Soil and Vent systems and 110mm to 400mm for underground applications.

Pipes are available in standard length of 5.8 meter with Solvent weld socket, Rubber Ring socket & Plain end in Grey and Orange Length can be changed according to customer’s requirement.


  • BSEN 1401
  • BSEN 5255
  • BSEN 1329


  • Soil & Ventilation System
  • Waste System
  • Strom water & drainage


45° & 90° Elbow



End cap

45° & 90° Long radius bend

Reducer Tee


Y – Branch


Rainwater Outlet

Boss Connector

Floor Trap

P – Trap

Gully Trap

Cross Y Junction

Double Y Junction

Access Door Elbow


Vent Cowl

Access Cap