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Best UPVC Cable Duct Pipes & Fittings in Egypt

Hakim Paco manufacture Electrical conduit & cable ducts available in diameters from 20mm up to 400mm. These are Used mostly by contractors and builders, uPVC duct is a thin walled version of traditional uPVC Pipes. Because of its thin walls, duct is not used to carry pressurized liquids like standard pipe.

Pipes to this specification will be supplied in 6 meter with solvent weld socket, rubber ring socket & plain end in dark grey. Length can be changed according to customers’ requirements.


    • BS 3505/ BS 3506
    • ISO 161/1
    • Etisalat & Du Specs
    • NEMA TC-2
    • DIN 8062
    • BSEN 1452
    • BSEN 61386
    • NEMA TC 6&B


• Telephone
• Electronics & Communications
• Duct & Conduit Applications


45° & 90° Long Radius Bend
End Bell Mouth
End Caps