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Polyethylene Pipes & Fittings

PE Pipes is a competitive pipe because it is characterizing by light, stable, weather –resistant. Water proof and easy to handle. PE pipe installations are the most competitive by key advantages.
Properties and specifications of plastics – particularly polyethylene – has increased trends of their usage in industry only in short time after their production.

The flexibility of PE pipe (polyethylene pipe) allows cost savings in installation. Trenchless technology can avoid the need for open trenches and reduce the disturbance to the public and environment by pulling long lengths of polyethylene pipes through holes below ground bored by mechanical moles.
PE pipe can be supplied in straight lengths or in coils, reducing the need for joints and fittings. PE pipes can be jointed using butt fusion and electro fusion techniques or using mechanical fittings.


    • BS 3505/ BS 3506
    • ISO 161/1
    • Etisalat & Du Specs
    • NEMA TC-2
    • DIN 8062
    • BSEN 1452
    • BSEN 61386
    • NEMA TC 6&B


  • Potable water supplyIrrigation
  • Drainage and sewerage general purpose
  • Electrical Ducting
  • Mining Applications
  • Fire system supply lines
  • Horizontal and directional Drilling


Butt Fusion Fittings (B/F)

Injected butt-weld fittings from size 25mm to 400mm can be supplied by Hakim Misr Paco. Stub-ends and Backing Rings can be supplied up to 1000mm OD. Standard types of Wye, Tee, Elbow, Cross and End-cap are available. Other special fittings for specific purpose can be arranged on special request.

Elbow 45°

Elbow 90° Long

T 45° Long

T 90° Long

Reduced T 90 Long

Assembled Tee 90°

Y Long

End Cap Long

End Cap Short

Reducer Long

Reducer Short

Flange Adapter Long

Reduced Cross Long


EPDM Gasket

Stub Flange Short

Steel Flange


Steel Flange PP

Electro Fusion Fittings (E/F)

Electro fusion fittings is the easiest way of connecting HDPE pipes especially in a very tight and narrow installations where Butt-welding is not possible. The Electro fusion coupling has an embedded high conductive electrical coil in the inner layer of the fittings. Once the pipe is inserted in the coupling, a time-controlled power supply will heat up the contact surfaces of coupling and pipe melting each other and formed a joint.

End Cap



Ballon Saddle

Elbow 45°


EF Elbow 90°

Branch Saddle

EF Reducer


EF Reducer Tee

Transition Coupler Threaded F

EF Tee 90°


Tapping Tee

Transition Fittings

PE Brass Male Threaded Union


PE Brass Female Threaded Union