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Perforated HDPE Pipe

Perforated HDPE pipe is used in a variety of applications. Perforated pipe is typically used to speed up the removal of subsurface water in soils or to allow storm water to percolate into the soil. HDPE pipes with slots or perforations are used to collect and transport subsurface water to a more suitable location for discharge. The perforations must be roughly circular and arranged in rows parallel to the pipe’s axis. The perforations must be located in the valley of the outside surface.

In general, HDPE perforated pipe is used for gravity flow water management applications such as storm water drainage, subsurface drainage, roadway sides, detention/retention systems, golf courses, athletic fields, retaining and foundation walls, and agricultural drainage projects.

HDPE Perforated pipe is an excellent material for the construction of underground drainage systems. Industries and government agencies recognized its advantages, and HDPE pipe has a long history of success in roadway applications. HDPE pipe is lightweight when compared to other pipe materials, so it is more economical to transport and install. HDPE perforated pipe is very resistant to abrasion and chemical attack which can affect other materials. It is structurally strong and proven to support large earth loads. HDPE is an environmentally sustainable material.

Slotted Pipe

Polyfab offers high-quality Slotted Pipes in Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, and other countries. Our experts are leveraging next-generation fabrication technology to present an industry-compliant range of slotted pipes with exceptional strength. These pipes, which are manufactured in our well-integrated setup, are available with full threaded or slip joints. Furthermore, these pipes can be slotted in client specific diameters at a competitive price band because they are thoughtfully developed from premium grade material to maintain structural strength.


  • Outstanding flow performance
  • Exceptional stress resistance
  • Lightweight and transportable

Custom Fabrication

The integration of building component design and fabrication is becoming more common in architecture. Offsite fabrication of building components is becoming more popular. They are driving the need for advanced processes that have traditionally served the construction industry to be applied.

Drainage Accessories

  • These products are manufactured in PVC-U
  • Usage – Drainage& Plumbing Application
  • Product available in Grease Trap (Type A, Type B, Type C), Puddle Flange, Sand Trap Buckets, Catch Basin, Perforated Buckets, Dry manholes, Gully Traps, Couplers, Reducers, P-Trap, End Caps, and so on.

Best UPVC High Pressure Pipes & Fittings in Egypt

Hakim Paco Plastic Pressure Pipes & Fittings are manufactured from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride polymer which is a thermoplastic material. The lightweight pipes & fittings are available in diameters from 20mm up to 400mm and in pressure classes ranging from 6 bar to 16 bar.

Pipes are available in standard length of 6 meter with Solvent weld socket, Rubber Ring socket & Plain end in dark grey. Length can be changed according to customer’s requirement.